Contact  Mary Wong Insurance Services with questions and information on  life, education, insurance and financial management questions.  We can help you make a bright and secure future.

You have Choices for Health Care for ALL Ages.  Oepn Enrollment is NOW!  Find out about Covered California, Medicare, Insurance Plans.  Mary Wong Insurance Agency has the answers.  Just Ask. offers options for Life insurance that provide simple answers to a very difficult question: How will my family manage financially when I die? Life insurance coverage can preserve the retirement plan you worked so hard to put in place and ensure your estate will be passed on, intact, to your survivors. offers options for saving for your children's higher education. Education Matters.  Investing in our fami. A good education is essential for your children's future.
Get the Facts on growing your money both before and during retirement.It is never too late to consider your option of investing in you and your family.We have you offer valuable tools to grow and protect your money. Insurance provides security and safety.  You matter.  Contact Mary Wong Insurance at or by phone at (415) 793-7979 can answer all your question on Medicare and Supplemental coverage for your medical costs is important in order to get the comprehensive treatment you need to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. offers options protecating  your future for unexpect health crises;  if you develop a chronic illness or become disabled and can no longer care for yourself for an extended period of time, you’ll need long-term care services. Plan for your future today.
Be prepared for life events, both unexpected and expected. Mary Wong Insurance Agency offers options, tools and education to help you to evaluate your disability insurance coverage. Having a child, getting married, buying a home, changing jobs and planning for college are just a few examples. Contact Mary Wong Insurance at or by phone at (415) 793-7979

Mary Wong Insurance Agency offers options for travel insurance plans that are designed to cover travelers travelling internationally or domestically. Plans may include valuable medical emergency.Get the Facts on Traveling Safely and Securely. Being Prepared for Travel Emergenicies such as Airline Cancelled Flights to Medical Needs is Simple and Affordable. Travel Covereage is offered for Groups, Corporate, Personal and Students studing abroad and locally.  We have you covered. Contact Mary Wong Insurance at or by phone at (415) 793-7979

Building a Solid Financial Future for Today and Tomorrow - Save Your Future Academy

Building a Solid Financial Future for Today and Tomorrow - Save Your Future AcademyRegister for Save Your Future Academy Financial Classes by email



Workshops & Events

Mary Wong Insurance was formed
to meet the life needs of customers
through education, product lines and
resources by offering coverage
that best suits your personal situation.

You Come First.

Living Life Without Worry

Fluent in English, Mandarin,
Cantonese, Taiwanese
and Burmese.

Do you have the right insurance?  Looking for insurance and financial questions? Contact Mary Wong Insurance agency at 1-415-793-7979 or by email at marywongins@gmail.  No obligation. 

Saving for Your Future Workshops Sponsored by Mary Wong Insurance Events - Be Informed.  Grow and Nurture Your Money and Future
Find MaryWong Insurance on Social Media Find Mary Wong Ins on LinkedIn Mary Wong Insurance meeting financial needs through choice, education and sound financial advice. Mary Wong Insurances provides use financial toools and education to protect, grow and manage your money.  Through Mary Wong Insurance is On Yelp Mary Wong Insurance is on Facebook Mary Wong Insurances provides useful and valuable financial toools and education to protect, grow and manage your money.  Saving Your Future Academy offers FREE, no obligation  hands-on classes are offeredfor people who know a lot an those who are just beginning to investigate the world of finance. Register On-Line to learn finance and insurance opportunities for to protect for life today and the future. Yoou matter.




Mary Wong Insurance Services Offers Key Strategies for Building Your Financial Future. Thursday and Saturday Classes are Offered to provide the SECRETs of Making and keeping a Million Dollars; How to GET Out of Debt; Protection against the Future; and Retirement your way.

Informational Workshops are FREE! Our financial workshops and seminars are designed to provide financial tools and insights to achieve your financial goals both in your personal and professional life. Workshops are provided at no cost to the attendee, with no obligations.  Each attendee will receive a FREE booklet, "Saving Your Future" in addition those who RSVP and bring their ticket to class will receive a bonus gift.  Light Refreshments will be served.

We actively present workshops at our home office in Burlingame, California in addition to sites in San Francisco and San Mateo Counties and on site at your company location, association, trade group, parent group and volunteer organizations. Click here to see events.

Click here Building a Solid Financial Future for Today and Tomorrow - Save Your Future Academyto view our on-going workshops.

Summer is here.

Our workshops offer timely and useful informatin in an interactive and fun atmosphere. Our topics include Affordable Insurance, Education, Financial Money Management, Health Care, Cover California, Travel ... in short discovering, growing and keeping your Wealth.

Learn to create and save money, even when you don't have money to spare. No Judgement. Everyone's financial situation and goals are different.  That's why our motto is "You Come First."

Gaining new knowledge can be very empowering and can help increase financial confidence at our Burlingame, Ca Campus. Bring your questions. .


Finding, Growing, Creating and Keeping Your Wealth is FUN!!!

Thursday Evening and / or Satruday Day

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Thursday Workshops

Mary Wong Insurance is presents Financial Workshops in June.  FREE, FUN, INFORMATIVE

Thursday Evening

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Saturday Workshops

Find, Create, Grow and Keep Your Wealth with knowledge and education offered by Mary Wong Insurance and Financial Services

Saturday Afternoon

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Click here for Monthly Calendar

Click here to register on-line

Click here for Monthly Calendar

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Protect and Grow Your Money ... IT'S ALWAYS A GOOD TIME TO THINK
Money Does Grow ... It Just Needs Attention. Attend the FREE, fun Workshop.
Useful Strategies to Build Your Wealth
. Live Your Life without Worry. Afterall People don't plan to fail, they only fail to plan. Planning Works.


Click here to Register On-Line for Classes

Get the Facts on Affordable Quality Health Care.  Covered California Makes it Simple and More Affordable. Contact Mary Wong Insurance at or by phone at (415) 793-7979

Build a Solid Foundation for Today and Tomorrow
@ Saving Your Future Academy classes at
1838 El Camino Real, Burlingame, CA 94010


Part-Time Job Opportunity:

We offer part-time jobs that fit your schedule. Perfect for students, full-time employees, and parents.

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From Finance to Fitness we are balencing our lives. Together we will create a blueprint to make our money grow.. It's a fun and motivating experience. Topics covered are:

1. Increase cash flow, debt management, emergency fund

2. Building strong financial foundation, proper protection

3. Building wealth, asset accumulation, saving for your child's education

4. Retirement planning

5. Long-term care, Medicare basic, Wealth Preservation