Contact  Mary Wong Insurance Services with questions and information on  life, education, insurance and financial management questions.  We can help you make a bright and secure future.

You have Choices for Health Care for ALL Ages.  Oepn Enrollment is NOW!  Find out about Covered California, Medicare, Insurance Plans.  Mary Wong Insurance Agency has the answers.  Just Ask. offers options for Life insurance that provide simple answers to a very difficult question: How will my family manage financially when I die? Life insurance coverage can preserve the retirement plan you worked so hard to put in place and ensure your estate will be passed on, intact, to your survivors. offers options for saving for your children's higher education. Education Matters.  Investing in our fami. A good education is essential for your children's future.
Get the Facts on growing your money both before and during retirement.It is never too late to consider your option of investing in you and your family.We have you offer valuable tools to grow and protect your money. Insurance provides security and safety.  You matter.  Contact Mary Wong Insurance at or by phone at (415) 793-7979 can answer all your question on Medicare and Supplemental coverage for your medical costs is important in order to get the comprehensive treatment you need to maintain an active and fulfilling lifestyle. offers options protecating  your future for unexpect health crises;  if you develop a chronic illness or become disabled and can no longer care for yourself for an extended period of time, you’ll need long-term care services. Plan for your future today.
Be prepared for life events, both unexpected and expected. Mary Wong Insurance Agency offers options, tools and education to help you to evaluate your disability insurance coverage. Having a child, getting married, buying a home, changing jobs and planning for college are just a few examples. Contact Mary Wong Insurance at or by phone at (415) 793-7979

Mary Wong Insurance Agency offers options for travel insurance plans that are designed to cover travelers traveling internationally or domestically. Plans may include valuable medical emergency.Get the Facts on Traveling Safely and Securely. Being Prepared for Travel Emergenicies such as Airline Cancelled Flights to Medical Needs is Simple and Affordable. Travel Covereage is offered for Groups, Corporate, Personal and Students studing abroad and locally.  We have you covered. Contact Mary Wong Insurance at or by phone at (415) 793-7979

Building a Solid Financial Future for Today and Tomorrow - Save Your Future Academy

Building a Solid Financial Future for Today and Tomorrow - Save Your Future AcademyRegister for Save Your Future Academy Financial Classes by email




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Mary Wong Insurance was formed
to meet the life needs of customers
through education, product lines and
resources by offering coverage
that best suits your personal situation.

You Come First. Living Life Without Worry

We Speak English, Mandarin,
Cantonese, Taiwanese and Burmese. 

Saving for Your Future Workshops Sponsored by Mary Wong Insurance Events - Be Informed.  Grow and Nurture Your Money and Future

Mary Wong Insurance and Financial Service Workshops & Events - A New Class is Always Starting. We have Personal Coaches Ready to Assist You In Living Your Life Your Way With Certainty.

Start, Build. Create. Keep. It's Your Wealth... discuss options of growing and keeping your hard earned money and grow your wealth. Attend a FREE financial workshop to draw, create and refine your personal Money Map. Celebrate your life, your goals and dreams. IT'S NEVER TO EARLY TO BEGIN TO PROTECT YOUR WEALTH FOR TODAY AND TOMORROW. FINANCIAL SEMINAR FOR ALL STAGES OF LIFE FROM BABIES TO NEWLY WEDS TO THOSE MARRIED FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS.

Wealth and Financial Workshops

Build Habits - Live Life With Certainty and Grow Wealth
Certificate Awarded At Completion of 10 sessions.

Satuirday Morning and Thursday Classes
It's Your Money #SaveIt @MaryWongIns

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Invest in Yourself -  Find, Create, Grow and Keep Your Wealth with knowledge and education offered by Mary Wong Insurance and Financial Services

February is the Month to protect you and your love

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Today, our nation is facing a Financial Literacy Crisis. Tune into the news, and we hear about poor savings, high debt levels, the rise in interest rate. Millions of people accumulate unmanageable debt, default on their mortgage, fail to save for a rainy day, and unable to retire. The lack financial knowledge is collectively costing Americans more than $2.3 trillion dollars over their lifetime. Worst of all, this problem is being passed on to our children because Financial Education is not taught in most public school and it's missing in today's society.
Come join us for the fight for North-American Wide Campaign For Financial Literacy. We want to fight this crisis with education. We have more than 15 unique Financial Literacy workshops about budgeting, saving, reducing debt, investing, building a business, and achieving financial freedom. Our 1-hour workshops are Free and solely for educational purposes, so there are no advertisements, sales, and product placements. Ultimately, we want to educate, inspire, and promote action, so you too can educate others and bring awareness to financial literacy.

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Building a Solid Financial Future for Today and Tomorrow - Save Your Future Academy

It's your money. Plan and Use To Live Life Without Worry.